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The Madigan Line - Annandale station ruins

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

At Annandale, we not only found the ruins, but water! The Eyre creek still had some milky residue between its clay bottomed banks, and we immediately sunk in to our knees in the soft clay, but happily splashed the cool water over our hot dirty skin.

Then to the ruins, they were pretty cool, an ornate iron doorway with a horse shoe on the top welcomed you in with a little gate.

There was an old steam train, broken into bits, but the shell still clear, with shackles and wheels sticking out from the sand. A large stone chimney stuck out at the top of a small hill, with an ancient stove broken nearby, the inscription on the door seemed to read ‘Dover 1862”, and the walk and hearth of another small stone building completing the triangle. There were also wooden yards and broken steel and wood sheds around it all.

The light was perfect, soft and golden, with a pale blue sky and dark clouds above, it looked amazing. After taking a few snaps as it was, I asked Jade if he’d mind putting on his good shirt, jeans and boots for a bit of a photo shoot, and of course, always supportive and flexible as he is, he obliged, while I threw on a dress.

After that we went back to the river bank to set up camp before it got too dark. We were both quite tired and lacking motivation, but I cooked up some quinoa with our fresh veggies, with mint, lemon, parsley and spinach through it, it was easy and just what I felt like. One of the annoying things since joining the Hays Track, is the spinifex seeds, the sharp little spiny round bastards constantly in-bed themselves in your feet so you always have to wear shoes (lame). Jade had said his feet had been hurting, and I pulled out a bunch of little splinters from the soles of his feet- even those tiny ones, not even 1mm, can bloody hurt, I can tell you.

Between Camp 19 & 20, near the Annandale Ruins

As always, i’m very sleepy. There’s a howling wind tonight, with dramatic bolts of lightening streaking through the sky, and somewhere far away, the distant rumble of thunder. The ox is all shut up tight, and i’m ready to get some shut eye. Tomorrow we should be driving over Big Red, the biggest dune in Australia! Find out if the White Ox made it up to the top, or whether we needed some extra assistance...

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