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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Day One on the longest 4WD Track in the world

This is it, the moment we’ve been dreaming about, planning and saving for for so long. I heard someone cleverer than me say about the start of this track “the driving is over, now the expedition begins”. It’s already felt isolated from Hall’s Creek, but now there’s really no one around, it’s late in the season, so hardly anyone’s on this track anymore, and while it’s recommended to do the Canning in a convoy, we decided we’d rather go it alone, with a very well prepared truck, and some pretty good know-how to get us out of trouble.

With that in mind, we’re taking it slow. Yes, the corrugations are bad, but that just means driving to the conditions, winding on the hand throttle to 15-20km/hr, 1600rpm, sitting back, and watching the desert roll by. We don’t have as much fuel as we’d like - we were hoping to fill up at Bililuna, but it’s a Sunday and they were closed. Still, we’ve probably still got 200l, which should be plenty to get us to Well 33 Kunawarratji where we’ll be able to refuel. Today we pulled up in a clear patch beneath some trees at around 72km in, somewhere near Well 51.

We were looking forward to the stars, but instead we’ve been dealt a huge full moon. It goes without saying that we had a large celebratory single malt under her beautiful blue light on the new veranda/wheel carrier. From now on, time doesn’t really matter, we’ll get up with the sun and drive until we’re tired, and that’s about it. As Bob Dylan once said- “Things should start to get interesting right about now”. #thewhiteox #canningstockroute#westernaustralia Next Post: Day 2: The Breaden Hills, and up close and getting up close and personal with a dingo

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