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Lorella Springs - NT

Our first adventure together (and more or less our first date).

Oh Lorella! It's our happy place. After meeting at Cliffdale cattle station/Hell's Gate Roadhouse on the QLD/NT border on the Savannah Way, where Kate was working, we fell for each other pretty quickly. Before he'd even held her hand, Jade put on his redwing boots and his best shirt and asked if he could come back and take her camping out in the Northern Territory. Of course, she said yes... Despite being warned that going with a complete stranger to the middle of the outback was asking to be made into a character from Wolf Creek.

One million acres of incredible hot springs, waterholes, waterfalls and driving tracks, you could easily spend a month there, a still not see everything.

We spend about ten days exploring as much as we could. The best time to go is just after the wet season, in April/May, when the waterholes are nice and full with the most crystal clear turquoise water, and there's not too many people, so swimwear is strictly optional.

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