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Installing a Secondary Fuel Filter - Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy HZJ75

Our video on installing a duel fuel filter to our HZJ75. Though not an essential mod, after reading our Land Cruiser owners manual, and noticing they always referred to the primary and secondary fuel filters, we started wondering why ours only had the one. Turns out Toyota only started fitting the secondary fuel filter after 1992, assumably because these trucks are primarily used in mines and outback stations where fuel can be questionable. It’s just extra security really, I guess it’s the same as double filtering anything, sometimes stuff gets through when it shouldn’t and it just gives a bit better chance of keeping things clear, stop the filters having to work so hard & getting clogged up between changes. If there’s dirty fuel with a lot of sediment somewhere when you fill up, the primary takes the brunt & gets clogged up, but the secondary is still going to get the job done. Plus the secondary filter is cheap & light & easy to carry & change, so if you did find yourself with dodgy fuel, you can easily swap ‘em.

Honestly we really just figured if Toyota engineers thought it was necessary after 1992, & one from the wreckers only cost $50, we thought why the hell not, especially if you’re weirdos like us and consider it a romantic date under the hood of the truck…

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