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Installing a long range fuel tank

A new auxiliary fuel tank from Long Range Automotive means we now have three tanks under the chassis, 245l of diesel, and a lot more freedom to explore.

We knew we’d need to carry more fuel to tackle the canning, which gave us several options:

1. Jerry's: Let's face it, total pain in the arse. We carry as little as possible on our roof, both because it's a pop top & we'd have to take them off every day to set up- DULLSFEST. And more importantly because we don’t want to make her top heavy or distort our centre of gravity. Troopy's are known for being top heavy & liable to tip, so we want our weight as low to the ground & evenly distributed as possible. Keeping fuel inside is not an option for stink & safety reasons.

2. Pull out our rear tank & replace with a big'un: Um, Toyota rock. Their engineering is pretty flawless, their components are the best, why mess with a factory item that works perfectly? Plus, it's putting more weight behind the rear axle 👎🏻

3. Install a 3rd tank. That's when we heard of Long-range automotive. They custom make tanks to fit your vehicle, making the absolute best use of space, it fits up between our current tanks, just ahead of the rear axel.

We now have 245 litres of fuel to play with, thanks to our new tank from Long Range Automotive & couldn’t recommend it more 🙌🏽

It works as an auxiliary tank - you fill up both the front & aux tank via the front filler with a supplied duel filler neck- that's us fitting it under the truck, it was JUST a little short so we cut out some rubber plates & stuck them together to make sure it fit snugly, plus added extra rubber lined steel brackets, & secured our plumbing & wiring fastidiously so that none of it could move, & used jacks & blocks to gradually get the tank into place.

Probably the hardest part after fitting the filler neck, was drilling through the floor- we got our lovely chippy mate Jai to cut out our wood floor so the steel plates that hold it would sit directly on the chassis.

A gauge installs up front in the sub tank binnacle, with a button that engages the pump to move the fuel from the aux into the front tank.

We never got tired of switching it on & watching the front tank gauge go UP while we were driving along! Even on heavy corrugations & climbing steep dunes. We couldn’t be happier with it, thanks Long Range Automotive!


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