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Duel Wheel Carrier

Two spares are essential for remote area travel, our new duel wheel carrier from Outback Accessories means we'll be prepared for anywhere we go.

You might have noticed our other extra addition, a duel wheel carrier, which we basically only got because it looks real cool.

Jokes aside, we chose an Outback Accessories carrier, because it's made to accommodate our Hayman Reese Tow Bar, which also means we wouldn't have to rip off or modify our water tank and bash plate system. It's also lighter than some of the other wheel carriers we looked at, which is important for a vehicle that's already pretty heavy. AND, like many great 4WD accessories, it's made here in Australia. 

Mounting it, I have to admit, was quite the ball/ovary ache. Not pictured is the amount of sweating, swearing and mallet smashing we had to do to get the bolts in. That's Kate grinding away at the current bar for several frustrating days of grinding, fitting, bashing and swearing. 

Once we got those bolt holes lined up (hallelujah) and confirmed it was installed as intended, we still felt that the carrier arms sat too far back, weakening their integrity on all those corrugations, and pulling the weight of the tyres back much further than was necessary. 

So then it was time for more cutting and grinding (apologies to our suffering housemates for the noise)  to take about 4 or 5 inches off, and get a nice welder man to come by and stick it back on for us. 

Then it was just a case of wiring it all up, and reinstalling our reverse camera, putting the covers back on (thanks to Klaus from Infront for making our canvas covers, including our new rubbish bin on the left) and getting some maxtraxx to complete the look, which tucked in perfectly in the space behind our right spare. 

Despite having to change and modify the carrier, we're still happy with the product. The powder coated steel is good quality, and the gas struts to open it up work great (and are really satisfying to use), with the locking mechanisms keeping everything tight and stable. 

With two spares, we're ready to take tracks that are much tougher and more remote than with just the one. 


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