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Desert Tracks Part 2: The Madigan Line to Birdsville

SERIPHILE: noun [ C ] /ˈsɛrɪ.(f)ʌɪl/ : A lover of dry and arid regions.

If like us, you dream about the desert, take a ride with us through the Madigan Line to Birdsville. We hope this will give you a bit of information on track, our tyre pressures, speed, how we found the track, and a bit of what you can see along the way, and hopefully inspire you to love these dry, hot, wide open spaces as much as we do. We left the Hay River Track to explore the Madigan Line at Camp 16 and followed through Annandale to its end at Big Red and Birdsville, and finally through the Flinders Ranges to Adelaide. At this time, we knew very little about the track, or its namesake, and hope to return in September 2020 to traverse the full track, armed with considerably more historical context.

To read more about Cecil Madigan and the history of the line he forged, check out our blog post on his 1939 Expedition with excerpts and photographs from his book "Crossing the Dead Heart".

Title track 'Wheels' by The Flying Burrito Brothers.

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