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Day 9 - Kintore and The Sandy Blight Junction Track

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

A stormy Gary Junction Highway, on route to Kintore

Monday 1st October 2018 - The Davenport Hills

Back in the NT, on a new track. I must admit that I’m a bit sad to have left the Canning, and rather wish we’d stayed on it given that we probably had time, but at least we’re now on a rough smaller track that seems to be very pretty so far, rather than the graded dirt/sand highway of the Gary Junction Track.

Again, we had a very slow start, we had to clean up the thousands of dead bugs littering the truck from the night before, but we were pretty slow getting out of bed, and took our time pumping out fresh clean water at the old water pump, and having a lovely morning shower together.

We went through Kiwirrkura, saw the old gunbarrell ration truck and got some very expensive snacks from the roadhouse.

The town was frankly not great, full of rubbish, burnt out trucks and dilapidated structures, but the people were lovely, the kids smiled and waved, the kind fellas in line asked if we might like to go ahead if we were in a hurry (we gratefully declined) and the people outside the store, a smiley funny lady and her children, laughed and shouted good humouredly when I ran back to the Ox to get my card, high fived me as I ran back past, and joked with me again when I came back out. They’re all so kind and welcoming, though it feels like a great shame to walk into these incredibly remote communities and not find an aboriginal person behind the shop counter to converse with.

A rare rainbow over the Gary Junction Highway

The drive was beautiful in the evening- deep dark blue storm clouds and a wide full rainbow framed golden plains and a muted mountain backdrop, with golden light shining through, it was pretty amazing, I had to stop frequently to take pictures.

Kintore was bigger and nicer than Kiwirrkura, we drove in past an AFL match on a field at the entrance to town, and everyone we saw waved and smiled at us. We tried to find where to get fuel, and a couple stopped to help, and then waved down a security car and told us to follow them to show us the home of the lady running to the fuel shop.

She was lovely, a Maori New Zealander, here with her sister to pay off a house at home, but missing her children. The fuel was far cheaper than the other places, $2/litre rather than $3.40, so we filled up.

The road here was cool, but mostly driven at night, I suspect it will be a beautiful view in the morning.

Two mishaps today - we confirmed (finally) our starter motor needs replacing, we were having trouble with it before, but then it seemed to be ok, but it wouldn’t turn again today, but did so when Jade hit it while I held the key- a clear indication that it’s fucked.

Secondly, we kept hearing an intermittent metallic rattling, and when we stopped saw that an exhaust bracket had snapped, we kind of new it would as soon as we got it back from the muffler shop. It’s annoying.

I’m knackered and getting too many moths to the face. Over & out. Next Up: The Sandy Blight Junction Track (cont.) and fixing our exhaust mount

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