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Day 2 : Back to Hell's Gate

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Where it all began!

Jade and I met when I was working at Hell’s Gate/Cliffdale station last year, I painted this old wreck with my newly designed Hell’s Gate logo, without even knowing it was a troopy, and a few days later a handsome stranger came through in his black hat & white land cruiser. He asked me about the roads and the river crossings, we stood a little too close looking at the map together, and he went on his way, planning to take a different road to come back, I didn’t think I’d see him again.

He trucked on to Lorella Springs in the NT, where he met an awesome overlanding couple, The Harvey’s, who gently teased him and goaded him on to chat up some girls they’d seen. But he wasn’t keen.

He told them he was out there trying to get away from it all, he wasn’t really looking to pick up girls. Although… there was this one girl, he said, that he kept thinking about, he’d seen her at Hell’s Gate roadhouse.

Hell’s Gate?! Well the Harvey’s knew Hell’s Gate! And they knew the girl too. Kate? Yeah we know Kate! They said. Yeah she’s single you know…

So he decided to come back, just for one night, and cross through the Cape afterwards, what did he have to lose?

I was the first person he saw when he rolled back in “Hey, I remember you” I said, pointing at him “want a beer?”

We stayed up talking until the early hours, and he said he might stick around another day.

The next evening he held my hand while we read Faunaverse Poetry out loud to one another, and he grimaced & said “I think I’m getting a bit too fond of you”

“That’s ok, I’m getting pretty fond of you too”

He stayed for five days, & did the whole 1000km drive back to Cairns in one 18 hour day. Then he did it in reverse two weeks later when he came back to see me on our weeks off, and again every month until my contract was up, and we could do the 18 hours back to Cairns together, with joy & excitement that we’d get to be together every day from then on.

Thanks to Scotty & co for a warm welcome back, it was so great to catch up with you & relive the memories, I know we’ll be back again soon, and next time hopefully for longer!

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