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Day 12 : Ururu & Kata Tjuta

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Giles Meteorological station was pretty average tbh… no balloon to be seen, just a small visitors centre, but very cool to see Len Beadell’s grader and cartoons, he was quite the graphic artist.

Len Beadell's Grader at Giles Meteorological station

The great central road was corrugated as hell, but very beautiful, though we didn’t stop as much as we’d have liked so we could make the most of our time at Uluru and the surrounds.

We got to Kata Tjuta around 3pm, and took a walk through the gorge, along with twice a Roman army’s worth of tourists, complete with net fly covers over their heads, floppy wide brimmed hats, and full on hiking boots. Meanwhile, Jade and I strolled past barefoot in dirty shorts but remembered to put on shirts for once 👌🏽

It was a lovely walk, but nothing quite compares to our next stop later that afternoon, beautiful Uluru... We got to there for sunset, which was lovely, if also drowning in tourists. And watched the wonderful rock light up red.

I cooked us pad Thai for dinner, before we went to find a secret sunrise campsite I knew of.

While we drove, something suddenly seemed amiss - “we don’t have instrument lights” I pointed out to Jade “… shit”. After some googling, we concluded as we didn’t have tail lights either, it must be a fuse (rather than a dimmer rheostat issue which was also a possibility) which we located in the kick panel and replaced with a 25A fuse rather than the 20, reasoning that the extra lights from the wheel carrier bar etc might have pushed it over. We also replaced the right tail light cover to adjust the cable which seemed too tight & liable to fuse or fail.

I was pretty stoked we found the campsite, last time it was swarming with people and cars, this time it’s just us. In the middle of the dunes, with nothing to be seen for miles other than beautiful Uluru just visible against the dark blue night sky, and silence all around, it’s an incredible spot. We decided as we had reception, it would be the perfect evening for ‘bush cinema’, and watch O Brother Where Art Thou with the last of our Lagavulin, plugged into the Ox’s sound system. It feels absolutely freezing but allegedly it’s 19 degrees, which feels impossible. I can’t wait for Jade to see the marvellous view of Uluru from here, it’s going to be magical.


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