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Day 11 - Bundabiddy Rockhole/Giles

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Bundabiddy Rockhole Bumbas

We made good time today, with the track getting much better, meaning we could go 60-80kph rather than 20-40kph. We got to Bungabiddy rockhole at around 3pm where we had a walk and a swim in the somewhat green waters, but it was lovely all the same.

We got to Warakana Roadhouse around 5/6pm (i’m still very confused what time it is, we’ve gone between west and central times too much…) and set up for the night. We discovered we had signal, which meant lots of messages, and a nice video call with Reuben and Nat, she seemed really good and calm, and they seemed really happy, which was lovely.

Set up & showered in the pubey/grimey/pissy amenities block which I did not enjoy, I felt dirtier afterwards than before, especially my feet, which I wanted to drag along the sandy ground outside to grind off the residue. I don’t like admitting it- I know it sounds princessy, I just prefer washing with a bucket outside in the dirt, than inside man made places filled with other people’s grime… it’s the same as feeling so much safer out there in the middle of nowhere, than here near towns with people around.

I made simple pasta for dinner, spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chilli, pepper, onions and mushrooms and some nutritional yeast. So easy and yet so tasty.

Just been messaging the important people since, and cuddling with Jade to try to calm my anxiety, him holding me is so nice, he’s very sweet. He drives me crazy but I love him.

We’re visiting the meteorological station in the morning, so I better get some sleep. Up Next: Day 12 : Ururu & Kata Tjuta

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