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Day 10 - Fixing our Exhaust Mount Part 1

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Scavenging from a rolled Patrol along the track

Another slow day, we’re not making fast progress. This morning I woke up to see bright luminous orange behind the clouds, and a whispered roaring wind around us, which made the temperature so pleasant and comfortable, and the world seem so calm and tranquil, it was all we could do to lay there in a wonderful half sleep, I lay in Jade’s arms and listened to the breeze and his heartbeat. I felt, as I so often do here, such a sense of peace, the feeling that this is exactly where I need to be, that there is nothing more and nothing else that I could be doing, but existing here just as we are.

One of Len Beadell's plaques along the Sandy Blight Track

Both our backs hurt, I guess, from so much driving. I gave Jade a massage, but when he got up he said he was in horrific pain.

We crawled under the truck to look at the muffler and the brackets that weren’t holding it, and tried to botch it with lockwire, with not much luck. By the time we’d had a bucket bath and cleared up, it was nearly 2pm.

Bodgy Lockwire… Not real good.

Five hours on the road flies by so fast, it feels like nothing, at no point do I feel bored or restless, just thoughtful and introspective and calm. We listened to a podcast interviewing Ester Perrez about relationships and infidelity, it was very thought provoking, i thought, I find her insights and explanations so inspiring and spot on.

Plenty of wrecks along the way

Towards sunset, we happened upon an old Nissan Patrol wreck, not only was it a large 4WD with a heavy exhaust, it was a fairly newly wrecked, so not too rusted, and on its side, so easy to access the underbody: it was all too perfect. Despite the ants nest beneath us, we set to work removing the exhaust bracket as the sun went down, before driving a little further and found a camp to set up for the night.

The bracket fit perfectly, and means it will not be simply a good bush fix, but a long term and sturdy solution, which is excellent.

After eating dinner (veggie lasagna) we poured ourselves some lagavulin while we drilled a new hole, scrubbed it with scotch brite, cleaned it up with iso, and sprayed it with AV15 (excellent anti-corrosion spray) to protect it. We stared up at the sky at the stars while we had a few more whiskies, and talked about the beauty of isolation, weighed up mountains vs deserts (I love both, but slightly prefer mountains) and why anyone would want to go on a cruise ship.

As always, I go to bed slapped and sleepy. Adios. Next Up: Day 11- Fixing our Exhaust Mount

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