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CSR Trip: Day 1

The first day on the road, just a short drive from what was previously our home Clifton Beach, Cairns, to a camp site at Gamboola, in the middle of Cape York.

Day 1: Cairns to Gamboola

A favourite campsite of ours that we discovered last year when we were crossing the cape. It’s an oasis beside a dry and dusty road that’s covered in deep pot holes, wash outs and bull dust. This tree lined little waterhole, where the cattle & roo’s come to drink, is a sight for sore eyes.

We got there in the early afternoon, and for the first time in a long time, had the chance to just kick back and relax. I gave Jade a haircut (what do you reckon, did I do a good job?), followed by a refreshing swim (ooh, this is a good time to say, if you’re easily shocked by the sight of bumba’s, probably don’t follow us) and watched an incredible purple sunset.

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