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CSR Day 6 : Pancakes & Golden Grasslands

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Day 6 - LIVIN THE DREAM Well 37- desert oaks

We had a late start this morning, but it was lovely. I had had horrible nightmares all night, some of the worst I’ve ever had, we camped facing south, so I woke up with the hot sun boiling the side of the canvas on the eastern side, I stayed in bed a while, trying to make sense of the bad dreams, but eventually picked up my pillow, and clambered down from our bed, with Jade still sleeping peacefully with his mouth hanging open.

I laid the picnic blanket & pillow down in the shade on the west of the ox, and daydreamed until Jade woke up half an hour or so later.

I made us pancakes (after picking out dozens of weevils from the flour 😒), they were bloody delicious, with frozen berries, butter, maple syrup, and Xandra’s chocolate sauce, washed down with tea and coffee. We live pretty good.

We lay a while together, enjoying the long quiet morning and each other’s company, and pouring over the map book to decide our route, before Jade washed up, and I burnt some of the burnable rubbish we’d built up. By the time we were ready to leave, it was 10am, and 42 degrees.

Again, we saw no one all day. The going was slow, with particularly heavy corrugation, often only going 10kph. Well 36 had an interesting a frame pulley structure but was dry & desolate, well 35 was the same, where I took over driving.

At Bungabilla native well, we both realised we felt starving, and shakey, with crashing sugar levels - pancakes are tasty, but not very practical sustenance wise. We stopped in the little shade available to cook instant noodles. I said “should we eat cheese and crackers too” Jade said “uhhh, yeah I mean, I think we should eat everything in the truck.” We devoured our dates, strawberries and oranges too, & the last gulp of ice coffee, and decided to rig up our bush shower with some of the water we’d collected from Well 41 the day before. As always, being clean and cool was a joy.

The landscape had frequent low dunes, and forested parts, and then turned into almost wheat fields of golden grasses. We stopped, as we often do, at golden hour, so I can take photos and videos, the colours are insane, and the peace, quiet and feeling of just being able to BE, are so wonderful. The silence is somehow so comforting, with the lowest hum of the bugs, the soft rustle of the grass, and occasional far off birdsong, while that orange glow radiates around you. It’s incredible.

We also saw a snake cross in front of the truck for the first time, I’m not sure what kind, but he was very shiny.

We listened to two Neil Degrasse Tyson podcasts, about the place of storytelling in science, and then about celestial navigation, it was fascinating and thought provoking, and I would love to learn more. We set up camp at Well 33, about 4km outside Kunawarritji, with heaps of fresh water, a tap, and windmill, and with it millions of bugs, which are annoying, especially when you try to cook and they kamikaze dive into the boiling water every 2 seconds... Veggie Spag Bol for dinner (with added protein), and tea and timtams for dessert. We talked about when we first met, how great it was, and then about what we call empiricism, psychedelics in the building of religion and civilisation, and interconnected consciousness. I love being able to talk about these things with him.

We laugh a lot here, everything is so easy, I notice how much I love his hands, his hair, how silly he is, how he says “you know” about every ten words, it’s so nice to revisit this feeling of joy together, away from the stresses of work & home, we need to work out how we can do this full time.

We went to bed, I’ve been trying to write, but keep being distracted by the gulping of camels at the water, dingos wandering about next to the truck, and starting up a loud chorus of howls from all around us. It’s awesome (tap to hear them sing) It feels more dangerous now, being near civilisation, than any night in isolation in the middle of a desert. I don’t want to leave the Canning yet, but at least we’ll be staying in the desert.

The dingos are still howling away. I might actually need earplugs.

Next up: Day 7 - Kunawarritji

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