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CSR Day 3: Limmen NP

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Limmen National park, we camped at Butterfly Springs, named so because the cliff wall beside the waterhole is covered in thousands of pretty butterflies 🦋😍

This was the last part of the trip where we were covering ground we'd already travelled - we explored beautiful Limmen NP last year just before I left Cliffdale Station. While we were excited to go back, and were really happy to discover that it still had water, despite being September, and well into the dry season, it was also a marker that we were about to get into new terrain, and ever closer to the remote, less travelled tracks we were dreaming of.

We also met a wonderfully interesting couple, Kerry and Ian, who were overloading gurus of the highest order, having traversed the silk route back in the 70s, as well as all over Nepal, India, Africa, and had driven the Canning about a decade before. Kerry was a lover of nature, birds and plants, Ian was also an engineer, and we had much to discuss and learn from them, with track recommendations, and information about the Canning. They had had a troopy for decades until it had been lost to rust and deemed unroadworthy, and had one of the new 70 series instead, but like anyone who's had an old cruiser, they beseeched us to look after ours, never to sell it, because they just don't get any better.

You don't meet many people in the outback, but when you do, they're usually exactly the kinds of people you want to talk to.

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