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Canning Stock Route: Day 3

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Gravity Lake and a tough evening

Looking out over Gravity Lake

Day 3 Between two big dunes- Halfway between Well 44/43 : 322km

Long but beautiful day driving. Met Outback Spirit tour group in the morning, a 5 car entourage, they seemed keen to chat, we heard them describe our Ox skull & crossbones sand flag (fashioned from a 3m bit of plastic pipe and an orange high vis vest- fancy). Jade was thrilled to have over 20 more people to tell about his cold. Felt quite proud & very lucky that Jade & I are doing this alone together. Stopped at well 46 at 11am for another blissful, cool bucket bath. In the 38 degree heat of the day, having been covered in sweat, dust, dirt and sunscreen, it feels incredible. We walked around and examine a wreck of a Nissan Patrol, the chassis had snapped clean in two - not real good, Nissan driver!

Went through gravity lake, which at this time of year is an incredible dry expanse of cracked mud- looked awesome!

Gravity Lake

I took over driving at 1pm, nice to be behind the wheel, we decided to continue at Well 45 at 4pm, but the next part was unexpectedly heavily dune-filled and slow going. One dune was the trickiest so far, steep, long, and torn up by other vehicles, I tried & had to reverse back down in the dark, before letting down our tyres by 5-10psi and tried again on a different line with more momentum, which worked a treat. Found a clearing to camp shortly after, at around 7.30pm. We stopped and I immediately burst into tears, without the distraction of driving, it fully hit me that tonight is the equivalent time of my gran’s funeral at home in London. Jade held me for a while.

Granny's desert memorial

I went to try to find some wild flowers for her, without much success. We put down a blanket, her photograph, candles and sparklers and lit them at 10pm (3pm UK time, the time of her service) & I read the speech my sister read at home which was a mixture of all the grandchildren’s words, including a sort of poem of mine. We ate some chocolate, had a werthers original (her favourite) & a glass of scotch in her honour. I know she would love to think of me celebrating her in the middle of the desert here, she always loved the outback.

I wish she wasn’t gone. I miss her so much.

Exhausted. Must sleep. Next Post: Day 4- Flora, fauna, friends and foes and Mungkatutu's Grave

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