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Canning Stock Route: Day 2

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Exploring the Breaden Hills and Dingo dabblings

Day 2 Well 51- Well 47 : 185km

Amazing but slow (20km/h) drives through ever changing landscape, prairie, Wild West looking red mountain ranges, forested parts, bushy expanses and rocky scree, with a rusted wreck or two as landmarks. Jade has the ‘flu’ (cold, which I had a few days ago) and is greatly concerned that I may forget so is careful to remind me at quarterly to half hourly intervals, naturally I demonstrate great sympathy. We stopped first at Well 49 for the most wonderful refreshing shower, we hauled up a big bucket of water, poured it into our own bucket, stripped naked in the shadow of the truck, and used a tin cup to pour lovely cold water over our hot dusty skin, lather up and rinse off, it felt so good in the midday heat. We also put up our makeshift dune flag- it looks pretty cool.

We drove on & took a 4km turn off to breaden pool, which unfortunately was dried up at this time of year, but would be an incredible waterhole not long after the wet. We walked up the nearby hills for amazing views across the desert.

Continued on to try to find Breaden Hills but it got too dark, with a big full moon rising in the sky. Saw camels, about 6 of them, before they ran off, sunset was insanely beautiful again.

Stopped at 187km in a rocky clearing by the road, with a small hill nearby. Opened the spice draw to find the Worcestershire sauce had flooded the ammo box - annoying. Took some time to clear up before cooking hoisin glazed tofu, Bok Choi & mushroom ramen for dinner, but everything still smells like Worcestershire sauce… Full moon, so bright! I climbed the hill with my camera to take some long exposure shots, came down, brushed my teeth and a dingo wandered up to the truck, very calm & relaxed, he came about 2 metres away from me as I stood transfixed & delighted, he circled slowly round our camp, stopping to sniff spots where we must have peed or dropped food scraps, took a casual look back, stopped for a quick scratch, and padded off slowly again to the west while I watched him slowly disappear behind the spinifex.

Perfect end to a wonderful day.

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