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Bush Mechanics (video) : Fixing our Exhaust Mount

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

We managed a reasonably early start, and set about fixing the mounting bracket immediately. We quite quickly realised that the way Jade had planned to mount it would mean that it would foul on the prop shaft, and would therefore not work, so had to work out a different way of attaching it.

Jade drove me insane doing what I call his Private Fraser “WE’RE DOOMED” routine, basically repeating over and over again that it won’t work and making stupid suggestions like “we’ll just put it on and if he hear a Big Bang we’ll know our prop shafts gone” and “ah well we’ll just leave it as is and if the exhaust comes off it comes off” with no sense of irony. I would love to know if he does it at work, but it drives me crazy, I’ve now learnt to ignore him every time he stumble upon the smallest hurdle and he says we’ll have to scrap the ox and the possibility of ever driving an engine ever again, but it still shits me no end.

I told him repeatedly to stop and just get on with it but he doesn’t seem to be able to. So after an hour of me saying “stop” “Jade, stop” “Jade you’re really annoying me now, stop” “if you keep doing that I’m going to get pissed off” I eventually told him I’d had enough and would leave him to it, to which he seemed shocked and confused to why I was annoyed. It’s a puzzle.

Once I’d got away from him for 5 minutes and he’d shut the hell up and actually looked at the problem logically, we were able to mount it successfully over the frame, with the bushes seated and all fitting securely. Even the hardest shaking barely budged it (enough for a bit of give so it won’t snap) and we were very pleased with the result, especially when we got further down to the graded track which is still corrugated, and seeing dozens of broken exhausts littering the road.

Whoever pretends that spending every waking moment in a tiny space with your loved one is always easy is LYING.

Good thing he's so bloody handsome…. We showered (bucket bath) and had breakfast before setting off. Next Up: Day 11 Cont. Bundabiddy Rockhole and on to Giles

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